A Resort Style Rehabilitation Facility. Finding Peace Within.

A company that cares. Blu Buddha is an all inclusive resort style rehabilitation facility to help those that are suffering from depression, anxiety, or any mental illness caused from living and working in modern society. The companies primary obligation is to remind its guests that the ultimate goal of this life is to be happy. A Blu Buddha retreat will help its guests find their inner peace and teach them to center themselves around the true basis of what brings happiness: Nutrition, exercise and balance between social and work life. A visitors stay typically range between two to four weeks. While staying at the resort guests will be required to attend regularly scheduled activities based around their individual needs to help them find their joy. Activities can range from Yoga on the beach, Meditation up-top Mountain sides in a traditional Buddha style to private therapy with a registered therapist.

Blu Buddha guests are typically people that are in tense working situations. Since a work environment can have such a strong influence on a persons health the common occupation for guests are Doctors, Surgeons, Stock Brokers, Corporate Executives, Public Relations Executives, and Financial Analysts. Since the price of an average stay ranges from $15,000 to $50,000, primary demographic are those of upper class.

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