A Modern Brand Identity System For A Throwback Apparel Company.

Vinture Ware is an e-commerce based apparel company that believes fashion cycles in trends with the 90’s grunge making a strong comeback in 2021. With the ever changing fashion world the company needed a modern brand identity system that could survive through any fashion trend. For this project the company needed a complete development of branding, apparel design/manufacturing, live e-commerce, digital marketing collateral and a trade show display set in an augmented reality.

Key Accomplishments of project:

  • Develop a live e-commerce connected to a dropshipping manufacturer
  • Design Apparel to target high fashion demographic
  • Direct/Shoot product lifestyle photography (seen in digital ads, website, instagram, Apparel Look Book)
  • Create a modern brand identity system that could survive any fashion trend and remain fluid
  • Utilize Augmented Reality for Trade Show Display and Delivery of Gift card

Link >> Instagram
Link >> e-commerce site
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